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Base Camp

Welcome Traveler to BASE CAMP. Here you can find the ADVICE, LEADERBOARD, as well as more information for your Adventure. For your quest go back to the Adventure tab and select the quest door.

The Guildmasters of Alpha Eta Alpha are in urgent need of adventures to complete their quest. Every week there will be an announcement to mark the beginning of a new quest. These quests can be as simple as filling in the blanks or as hard as solving code. Either way, it is a race to see who can finish first. The goal of the quest is to figure out the password at the end to unlock the door. At the end of the quest, you will receive a key. Use this key to enter the password for the door and behold, the guild masters shall give you a point. Points shall be distributed as followed

1st - 5

2nd - 5

3rd - 4

4th - 4

5th - 3

6th - 3

7th - 2

8th- 2

9th - 1

10th - 1

To earn these points one must join the AEA discord server and submit a photo of yourself and the congratulations screen after unlocking the door into the Adventures channel of discord. Remember to also type your name so I know whom to give points to. Solving quests isn't the only way to earn points so be on the lookout for announcements. It's first come first serve so good luck and have fun traveler!


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